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Fulwood Academy

Apr 2010

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We provided educational and technical consultancy services for a Building Schools for the Future (BSF) Academy in Lancashire.

Our Role

Our role on this project was to guide the Academy and Sponsor through the BSF process and, again, one of the key success factors to this project was ensuring that the Academy’s vision for ICT would be delivered through the BSF programme, particularly how the Local Choice funding would support the Academy’s distinct specialism of Creative and Digital technologies. Our comprehensive engagement process throughout the feasibility stage helped to provide an ICT vision for the Academy that dovetailed into the Authority’s overall Strategy for Change.

What did we Provide?

We provided early input into the building design discussions, which ensured that ICT would be integrated into the fabric of the new building, rather than a bolt-on. Our consultants worked with architects, mechanical, electrical and furniture providers within the recognised architectural design stages, to ensure that the technologies that impact on building design were fully considered throughout the feasibility stage.

Our involvement during the feasibility stage was widely recognised as adding value to the process, to the extent that the Academy requested that our consultants stay involved beyond our original scope of works, to support them through the ongoing design discussions.