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St Aidan’s Church of England Academy

Jan 2010

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We were brought in to provide education, technical and procurement services for an Academy in Darlington specialising in Business and Enterprise. Our involvement on this project was to support the Academy and its sponsors throughout the lifecycle of the project, including design, specification, procurement and implementation of the ICT systems to support the transformation in teaching and learning.

The specialism brought the opportunity for the Academy to engage with local partners to develop relationships that could benefit the Academy students and the wider community. The ICT vision to support the specialism was to implement an infrastructure and solution that would support these new relationships and help provide a Business and Enterprise Centre with facilities that replicated realistic working environments.

We also considered the potential to develop training materials for local businesses, satisfying local demand for basic ICT training courses and allowing local business leaders to share their expertise on a reciprocal basis. For example, communication technologies that allowed students to benefit from direct contact with industry experts in remote locations. The final solution also ensured that students were able to access information about career opportunities and on-line courses, so that learning opportunities were not restricted by geographical location.

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